Monday, August 25, 2014

County Hospital wants to take second Possession of Doctor’s Mobile Home

San Joaquin County Hospital recently filed another lawsuit to take second possession of the same Mobile Home that was previously owned by Dr. Sheikh. Previously the hospital had already taken possession of that mobile home during 2010.

San Joaquin County Hospital has Mobile Homes at the County Hospital for Resident physicians. Dr. Sheikh was a Resident physician at that hospital. She purchased a Mobile Home (aka cottages) and lived there during her residency training. After the completion of Residency Dr. Sheikh wanted to sell the cottage but could not sell the mobile home due to interference.

County Hospital initiated Court proceedings and ‘obtained’ a Writ of Eviction from the County Court without any hearing. In May 2010, County Sheriff evicted Dr. Sheikh from that Mobile Home, took possession of that Mobile Home and changed the locks. Dr. Sheikh and her family relocated to a rental home in Stockton. 

During May 2014, Hospital again filed another Petition for Judgment of Abandonment in the County Court to again take possession of the same Mobile Home. Additionally, the hospital wants $12000+ rental money for the mobile home. This time the Hospital claimed that Dr. Sheikh abandoned that Mobile Home. The hospital also sent several pictures the Mobile home that is damaged since the eviction.

Dr. Sheikh removed the petition to the federal court. (Notice of Removal) and also filed a Motion for Declaratory Relief to confirm possession of the Mobile Home. 

Why the County Hospital want to take second possession of the same Mobile Home
San Joaquin County Environmental Health Department inspected the Mobile Home and that Mobile Home was determined to be uninhabitable. Hospital sent pictures of the damaged property (March 2014).  The Mobile Home was fully functional until hospital evicted Dr. Sheikh during May 2010. Mr. Sheikh asked the hospital to assess the damage to the Mobile Home. In response, County Counsel again filed a Court Case to take possession of the Mobile Home. Now Hospital claimed that the cottage was abandoned. Second possession will enable the hospital to shift the blame (of damage to the mobile home). 

When was Eviction
County of San Joaquin’s Notices of Eviction and eviction proceedings revolved around wrongful denial of Dr. Sheikh Physicians’ license by the Medical Board of California.

Dr. Sheikh completed Medical Residency training from the San Joaquin County Hospital in around August 2008. Medical Board of California and the County Hospital shared some ‘unknown documents’ and denied Dr. Sheikh’s license. The hospital and the Medical Board did not give a copy of those documents to Dr. Sheikh. When Dr. Sheikh requested the hospital for a copy of those documents, Hospital sent an eviction notice to Dr. Sheikh (May 15, 2009).  

During April 2010, Dr. Sheikh filed a Motion in the federal Court (Eastern District of California) mandating the County Hospital and the Medical Board to release a copy of those documents relevant to Dr. Sheikh's license. In May 2010, the County Hospital evicted her from the mobile home. 

Legal Proceedings in Federal Court - Eastern District of California
Magistrate Judge issued her Recommendation to the federal Judge. Dr. Sheikh submitted her legal pleadings (Objections to the Recommendations, Fourth Amended Notice of Removal along with Motion for leave of the Court).  Now the case is before the Judge for his ruling. Here is a link to the Court Docket.

About Dr. Sheikh
Dr. Sheikh treated patients and saved lives at the County Hospital. She cannot practice Medicine as Medical Board has not issued a physicians license since 2008 though she is a highly qualified physicians. Dr. Sheikh is requesting everyone's support so that she can continue her profession and treat patients. 

Goofy For Healthcare is the First Dog Representing Doctors and Patients.

Selective Regulations of Healthcare Professionals

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