Friday, August 15, 2014

Human Rights forum urges the President to review Actions of California Medical Board

Amnesty International Human Rights forum urged President Obama to review denial of Dr. Sheikh's Physician's license by California Medical Board.

The Medical Board denied Dr. Sheikh’s license without any hearing by Members of the Medical Board. In May 2011 most members of the Medical Board of California resigned, yet California continues to withhold Dr. Sheikh’s license. An individual who does not want to be identified inquired, "Is University of California on Probation"?

Dr. Sheikh completed her Medical Residency and received a Residency Completion Certificate from University of California. Before that, she worked at University of Texas and at Stanford School of Medicine.  Dr. Sheikh was recognized as a compassionate, hardworking and intelligent physician by Patients, Doctors, Professors and Residency Program Directors.

The issue was raised on Amnesty International Human Rights forum. Hon. Martin DePorres Walsh, Human Right Attorney suggested President Obama to take notice of denial of Dr. Sheikh's Physician's license. This is rather obvious that Dr. Sheikh deserves support from fellow American citizens and from President Obama.

Dr. Sheikh briefly presented some of her experience before California Senate during May 2013.

Considering the challenges and important of their success, President Obama has endorsed Equal Rights for women. Dr. Sheikh's example reflects one of many challenges encountered by American women. Dr. Sheikh is deprived of Equal opportunity that needs everyone's attention. I believe, when Dr. Sheikh succeeds, America succeeds. 

Rehan Sheikh

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  1. Sorry for believing in Equal Opportunity for American Women. tweeted the doctor.


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